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2 step handrail

You can buy different types of 2 step handrails and install them yourself. You also can use a 2 step handrail for retrofitting existing buildings for insurance and accessibility compliance. A basic wooden handrail is relatively inexpensive and can add safety to a home or business. If you, family members or customers slip occasionally on steps while walking on your property you can take action to prevent a serious accident in the future. Adding a 2 step handrail is one way to ensure safety for your family and all visitors. Customized variations are available at home improvement stores and online. Information about 4 types of handrails and pricing is below.

•A Surface Mount Railing is installed using uprights to mount it to a surface that is made of wood, concrete or asphalt. The features include: 1.A railing that has open ends and a smooth surface. 2. A railing that has D-return or open ends. 3. A railing with a smooth surface that flows into the posts. 4. An ADA compliant railing that mounts to uprights. The prices range from$130 to $700.

•A Wall Mounted Railing can be mounted on a wall or post. The prices range from $65 to $450. The options to choose from are: 1. a railing that mounts to an existing post or wall. The fittings do not wrap around the grab rail. 2. A railing that curves backward into an existing wall or post. No pipe cutting or drilling is required. 3. An ADA compliant railing that attaches and curves back into the wall.

•Hybrid Mount Railings are mounted to a wall or post on one end and surface mounted on the other end. You can use them at standard stair angles or at any angle with open ends.

•An ADA Handrail Kit is a simple handrail for stairs and ramps. You can buy one that mounts to uprights or attaches to a wall. It is a smooth type and the installation difficulty level is medium.

The Surface 518-Stair Handrail is, arguably, the most popular model on the market. It is very easy to install and it can be used on almost any set of stairs in your home or business.