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2 step ladders

2 step ladders are ideal for providing an additional amount of height to reach items. These ladders are great to have in the home to use in the kitchen, garage, bedroom and other rooms. They are also good to have on hand in the office for reaching cabinets and for other practical uses. Most 2 step ladders are quite light so that they can easily be carried from one room to another. In addition, many of them fold flat so that they can conveniently be stored in a closet, basement or other area without taking up much available space.

2 step ladders are produced from a variety of manufacturers and can be found at most hardware stores, as well as in some department stores. The price of 2 step ladders is usually very reasonable so many consumers have one of these ladders in their home. They are normally designed with a solid lightweight steel frame to provide a sturdy structure. The steps are often a hard plastic material and a hand grip is available for added stability when climbing the steps. 2 step ladders have a high weight capacity, depending upon the actual manufacturer. In general, the ladders can hold approximately 200 pounds of weight.

The 2 step ladders are specifically designed with consumer safety in mind so that a user can feel comfortable and safe when trying to access hard to reach places. They feature non-skid treads at the base that will stand firmly in position and not slide across the floor. The second step is a larger standing platform that can automatically be locked in place so that the consumer will not have to be worried about falling or that the ladder will collapse. When folded, the majority of 2 step ladders have a convenient handgrip where the user can easily move the ladder from one room to another.

In addition to the 2 step ladders that many consumers have in their home, some businesses purchase commercial 2 step ladders that have additional strength to hold 300 pounds or more. These are great for those companies that might require heavy boxes and other products to be lowered from a shelf. Regardless of the use, 2 step ladders are an ideal product for both businesses and the home.