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2-Step Platform Ladder

A platform ladder is a self-supporting unit, which means that it doesn’t need to lean against another structure for support. It has two sides, and once open in a v-shaped formation, each side supports the other. A platform ladder is similar to a stepladder except that it uses platform steps or mobile safety steps and often has a handrail. The second step on a 2-step platform ladder will generally be 27 to 36 inches. With the handrail included, the ladder may be 54 inches or even higher altogether.

Advantages of a 2-Step Platform Ladder

A 2-step platform ladder is typically used wherever a stepstool would be practical. The big advantages of a platform ladder over a stepstool are that it’s far more stable and provides the user additional support and stability by being able to hold the handrail or brace against the ladder legs. The big advantages that a platform ladder has over a basic stepladder are that it’s much smaller and more lightweight.

Uses for a 2-Step Platform Ladder

A 2-step platform ladder can be used indoors and out, and it’s a perfect option for small tasks that aren’t too high. No one wants to carry out a heavy ladder for a 30-second chore that’s only six-feet or so off the ground. Since larger, heavier ladders aren’t practical indoors, a 2-step platform ladder is a great choice for household chores. Another benefit is that they have a very small footprint when folded up, which means that you can easily store them in a closet or alongside a washing machine or similar appliance.

Choosing a 2-Step Platform Ladder

The main items to look for when choosing a 2-step platform ladder are weight, load capacity and convenience features. Keep in mind that weight and load capacity aren’t necessarily correlated. A reason why aluminum is a popular choice for ladders is that it’s both very strong and very light. Make sure the ladder is rated to carry your weight and the weight of your supplies but not so heavy that you have difficulty carrying it up the stairs.

Additional Considerations

When it comes to the convenience features, the two important considerations are the handrail and the tray. The handrail should be sturdy and easy to reach, and the tray should be sturdy enough to hold at least ten pounds, which is about what a gallon of paint weighs. If you use the ladder a lot, wheels may be a worthwhile investment.