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2 Step Platform

Two-step platforms are very popular pieces of equipment for anyone needing a helping hand around the house or on the job. Mechanics, carpenters, painters and many others use these daily in the performance of their duties. Whether it’s reaching a high shelf for some supplies or needing to reach a high part of a wall to paint some trim, these platforms come in very handy.

Most platforms are made from heavy-duty steel with hard injection-molded resin steps to ensure ease of use and safety. In addition to the two steps, many have a utility tray at the top for tools, paint and other items needed for a job. Designed to be durable, they are made for easy opening and closing with their one-hand fold and lock operation. Weight capacities of users vary among different models, but most usually have a capacity of 200-275 pounds. Very compact, they make a perfect companion to most ladders and are an excellent addition to those in the construction or building trades industries as well as people needing extra help around the house.

Useful for numerous household chores, two-step platforms are a great choice for those living in apartments or small homes. Rather than trying to find something to stand on to change a light bulb or putting away dishes in cabinets, these devices are simple and inexpensive pieces of equipment that make many household chores easier. To make completing tasks that much easier, most of these platforms have an extra-large top step designed to let a person stand on with both feet if necessary.

Many warehouses and retail stores use two-step platforms when re-stocking their shelves. The platforms are lightweight and easy for employees to carry around, and they also take up little room in a shopping aisle to leave plenty of room for customers to do their shopping. Warehouses are also extensive users of these platforms, finding them very useful when needing to stock their shelves or pull merchandise or supplies to fill orders.

Two-step platforms are made to withstand daily wear and tear both at home and on the job, making them as essential to many as a hammer or screwdriver. The cost of these platforms ranges from $30 for basic models to as much as $100 for deluxe models designed for heavy-duty use. No matter the job needing to be done, a sturdy two-step platform is always up to the challenge.