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3 step handrail

Handrail usually refers to the guard alongside a series a steps, such as those commonly installed on the steps leading up to a home, a deck or a pool. People also use the term to refer to some stepladders and platform ladders, particularly in instances where the handrail is a defining feature.

Step Handrails

A 3-step handrail is one of the most popular types of step handrails because it usually provides a step height of at least 3.75 feet but isn’t so large that it becomes heavy or unwieldy. A 3-step handrail is a great tool to have around the home because it simplifies many household chores but is small enough to store away easily and light enough to take out whenever the need arises.

The Steps

A 3-step handrail will generally have a step width of at least 24 inches, but many have steps that are much wider. Step width provides a greater standing area for the user and thus increases the safety and convenience of the unit significantly. Greater step width can increase overall weight, but when dealing with just three steps, that additional weight is usually an insignificant factor.

The Handrail

On many such ladders, the handrail simply extends out in front of the user. The design goal is to provide the user with a handhold while standing on the top step. Some ladders will have a full handrail, which means that the handrails extend all the way down to the final step. This design is convenient for children, and it provides adult users with an easy handhold regardless of which step they’re standing on.

Weight and Load Capacity

Handrails can be made using a wide range of materials, but aluminum is the most popular choice for 3-step handrails because it’s durable, lightweight and has a high load capacity. Load capacity is an important consideration; some 3-step handrails are rated for only 200 pounds, and that’s likely not enough for a full-grown man with a compliment of tools and supplies. Overall weight is an important consideration, particularly for indoor use, because you want to be able to access it, use it and stow it away with ease.

The Optional Tray

Not all 3-step handrails will have a tray and/or bucket. With those that do, it’ll generally be attached to the highest point of the handrail. Whether a tray makes sense for you depends on how you’ll use it. For dusting, it likely just adds unnecessary weight, but for painting and other chores, it can be a big help.