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Make Dock Access Safer With a Five Step Dock Ladder

One of the most dangerous times on your boat could be getting on or off the dock. Dock ladders make this process safer by giving you a stable surface to climb up as you move between your boat and the dock. Five-step dock ladders are available for longer distances than shorter ladders. If you want one of these ladders for your boat, think about what features you need before you buy.

Materials for a Dock Ladder
Dock ladders are made from different materials to suit particular needs. If you want a portable dock ladder, look for something made from strong, yet lightweight aluminum. For a dock ladder you will permanently install on either your boat or the dock, heavier materials will suffice. Ladders made from heavier materials may hold more than a portable ladder. Be sure that any ladder you get will be able to withstand prolonged exposure to the elements. Check that saltwater or salt spray will not damage a ladder if you plan to use it near the ocean.

Step It Up
When choosing a dock ladder, the number of steps is important. The number of steps should allow you to reach the water or your boat safely from the dock without jumping. Five-step dock ladders are great for areas that have a long space between the dock and water’s surface.

Get a Grip
Look for non-skid steps on your new dock ladder. Because people use the ladder in and around water, chances of slipping on wet steps increase, unless the ladder had added traction. The handrails should also be easy to use without hands losing their grip on them.

A five-step dock ladder will provide you with a safe means of getting to or out of the water from the dock. Make sure your ladder fulfills your particular needs. Do you have to have a lightweight, portable ladder? Do you require something that is durable and long lasting for permanent installation? There are dock ladders available for you. Decide what you need before you go shopping for one to ensure that you come home with the right ladder for your dock.