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Safety Tips When Using A 2-Step Step Ladder

A 2-step step ladder is one of the safest and most durable pieces of equipment available. It presents very few issues for anyone working in a garage or car repair shop. It is still necessary to follow proper safety guidelines in order to avoid any potential accidents. Several tips will help anyone to remain safe while using a 2-step step ladder.

Use on Clear and Flat Surfaces

A 2-step step ladder should always be used on a clear and flat surface. The floor of a garage or auto shop sometimes contains areas that have worn down over time. These areas should be avoided since just one leg of the ladder that is not on a flat surface can make the entire unit unstable. Additionally, anyone using the ladder should make sure there are no items like bolts or cables on the ground that could cause the ladder to shift later.

Never Lean

Anyone using a 2-step step ladder is likely to lean forward or to the side at some point. It is important to never lean beyond the edges of the ladder. Leaning forward just a short distance past the edge of the ladder can move the center of gravity forward. The weight of the person can then cause the ladder to tilt and eventually fall. It is safer to get down and move the ladder rather than lean too far.

Stay In the Center of Steps

One of the few real safety issues with a 2-step step ladder is walking off the edge. This occurs when someone starts taking small steps to the left or right. One step too far will cause a person to fall off the ladder. The way to avoid this is to always stay in the center of the steps. A person working on the ladder should keep the feet firmly planted in place. Any steps to the side that are necessary should be done carefully while looking down. This will prevent accidents in the shop or garage.

Watch Equipment and Power Cords

Anyone who is working with equipment needs to remain aware of the ladder to make sure cords or other parts do not create safety issues. The cord on an item like a sander or welding torch could become frayed and cause electrical hazards if they touch the metal of the ladder. Cords that become caught in the ladder can pull on the tool unexpectedly causing it to fall. Tools and cords should always be kept clear of the 2-step step ladder.