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The Benefits Of A Three-Step Ladder With A Handrail In An Auto Shop

All auto shops need some type of ladder to allow workers to access the tallest trucks or cars that are lifted above the ground. Typical A-frame ladders are large and inefficient. A better option is a three-step ladder with a handrail. A three-step ladder with a handrail has several benefits over other options.

More Vertical Range

A three-step ladder with handrails provides more vertical range than simple step stools. Workers can get higher on the ladder in order to work on tall trucks or on cars that are on hydraulic lifts. Turning the ladder so it is parallel with the vehicle being worked on allows a mechanic or technician to move up and down between the three different steps as the job requires. The ladder can be used for a variety of purposes from sanding and welding a vehicle to applying graphics or pin striping.

Better Safety and Stability

A number of three-step ladders are available that are nothing more than stairs on top of a base. The addition of handrails to each side of the steps will increase safety and stability. Workers who are climbing the stairs can hold to rails to prevent falling. The rails also act as guides while working so a person does not accidentally step too far to the right or left and fall off the ladder. The handrails provide some extra stability while working. The handrails can be used to support the arms when performing delicate tasks like precision welding.


Some models of three-step ladders with handrails are very mobile when compared to other options. A number of ladders come with wheels under the base. These wheels make it possible to roll the ladder around a vehicle or through the shop with very little effort. A single ladder can be used to perform many small and fast tasks without forcing a person to constantly take down and set up the steps. The added mobility will increase efficiency.

Easy Storage

Anyone working in an auto shop has several different options when it comes to ladders. A number of traditional options like A-frame ladders or rolling staircases are very large and cumbersome. This makes those options impractical in small and medium shops. A three-step ladder with a handrail can be stored in any size shop or garage. They roll easily into a corner and take up little space. Some ladders even fold flat so they can be hung on a wall or stored in a closet.